Support Facility 2

The Unit of Biostatistics provide support to the clinicians and the LBIO team with data analysis from epidemiological and clinical studies. Pseudonymized individual-level patients’ data for epidemiological investigations comes from different data sources – Austrian Social Health Insurance Fund, Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection in Austria and Statistik Austria.

The essential tasks of the Unit represent data preparation (data extracting, blending, shaping, cleaning), data analysis, interpretation of results, presentation of research findings at professional meetings. The unit provides also statistical support and advice in study planning and in preparation of proposals for the research ethics committee.

Main research topics include osteoporotic fracture risk in different chronic patients’ groups, mortality risk after osteoporotic fracture, assessment of effectiveness of specific bone therapies on refracture and mortality risk, nationwide mapping of epidemiological situation of osteoporotic fractures and rare bone disease research.

a. Hazard ratios for the association between anti-diabetic medications and all-cause mortality in a cohort of hip-fractured patients (Behanova et al., EJE 2021).